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At Firesand, we know what it’s like to be on a mission to change things for the better. 

It’s at the heart of every customer engagement we enter into, every design we produce, every recommendation we make, every service we deliver. 

That’s why we support the work of many different communities who are engaged in making both the connected and the physical world a better, more inclusive, more responsible place.

In our ‘work clothes’, we invest in industry bodies, business communities and educational initiatives to create environments of understanding, learning and industriousness whose benefits spread way beyond our own four walls.

But away from our desks we’re proud to support the activities of many charities and other organisations who enrich our communities through their empathy, selflessness and determination to achieve positive change.

Here are just some of the charities and foundations we’ve chosen to support in 2023.

For more information on the charities and causes we support, get in touch.

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