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We’re pleased to report that Firesand has been accepted as a member of both Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire Chambers of Commerce. This will help us educate more local businesses of all sizes on information security and privacy issues.

The Chambers host regular member seminars that are free to attend, and we’re very much looking forward to using these and other channels to give local businesses a really clear understanding of how information security and data risk affect them – including, of course, GDPR - and how to manage them.

Firesand founder and Director Matthew Holloway said: “We’ll be contributing all we can to the Chambers and making good use of their award-winning educational and promotional services to give local businesses, whether large or small, a clear way forward on information security.”

MK and Northants belong to the British Chambers of Commerce (BCC) Accredited Chambers - the largest, most powerful network for business in the UK.

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