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Protect your business against the inevitable

It is, unfortunately, the sad reality that your business is a potential target for cyber attacks or data breaches. 

In its 2017/18 report, "The cyber threat to UK business", the UK government's National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) records that businesses of all sizes have suffered financial losses due to cyber attacks.

Alarmingly, the odds right now seem stacked in the attackers' favour. Powerful cyber crime applications are now available as a service for as little as £5 a month. The total losses they can inflict are incalculable, but over £32 million was stolen in 2016/17 in mandate fraud alone.

Given this reality, your business needs an ally in the fight against attackers. As that ally, Firesand can regularly probe and test your business’s defences like a hacker would – and close the holes that are so useful to them.

"Your business needs an ally in the fight against attackers."

The vulnerabilities and exposures that attackers exploit in your IT environment can harm your business in a plethora of ways...

Assurance: Why Your Business Needs It

We are ready to help in a way that suits your organisation and budget.

Our Assurance Services (And How They Help You)

Our Assurance Services get right to the heart of what keeps your business genuinely protected: the certainty that your security is working, not just the knowledge that it has been implemented.

We do this in ways that suit your business and your budget – from Cyber Essentials compliance to full auditing and accreditation; from light-touch vulnerability assessments to premium, deep-dive penetration testing; from web applications to full system scope.

Your assurance work is carried out by our team of certificated security specialists, with decades of cross-domain experience of delivering manual, automated and bespoke testing methodologies.

Our Premium Assurance Services:

Full System Penetration Testing

A full penetration test of a system from the ground up covers not only your business and its employees, but additional risks such as contractors and third parties.

Firesand’s full system penetration test puts us in the hacker’s shoes by launching deliberate, controlled attacks. These enable us to analyse the outcomes using the latest automated technological assessments, plus the specialist insight borne of our decades of security experience.

We fingerprint lower level systems, scan entry points and progress right up to application-layer testing – leaving no stone unturned and no risk unseen.

Web Application Penetration Testing – Full Deep Dive

This service is a deep dive security investigation into every area of any web application that your business uses.

It comprehensively addresses not only the industry-standard OWASP Top 10 issues (using additional proven methodologies including OSSTMM, NIST, NSA, PTEST and ISSAF) but also emerging threats and attack techniques - helping to secure your business both now and in the immediate future.

Bespoke Assurance and Testing

Firesand can tailor all its testing and assurance services to your business’ specific needs, combining out-of-the-box and bespoke-developed tools, custom methodologies, and our specialists’ expert insight to deliver exactly the solution you need.

Advanced Assurance Services:

Infrastructure – Penetration Testing

This service provides a detailed security assessment of the new and existing infrastructure that underlies – and can potentially compromise - the business-critical applications deployed to it.

Essential Assurance Services:

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