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We don’t retrofit security

At Firesand we believe in a security-first approach to protecting your business. This means that all security in the infrastructures and architectures we design and build for cloud migrations, cloud services integrations and other large projects is inherent and scalable.

Holistic Security: 

Our security methodology is holistic, meaning it takes in existing IT investments and the people and processes behind them.

  • We identify opportunities for security improvements in your organisation through cyber security health checks, penetration testing and vulnerability audits.
  • We reinforce your secure behaviours and processes through GDPR compliance, training, and outsourced Data Protection Officer services.
  • We help you become a publicly compliant business through our Cyber Essentials / Essentials Plus, ISO 27001 consultancy and PCI DSS services.

Secure Design, Development and Strategy

Effective security depends on evaluating your current security posture, understanding the demands of your business, and developing a strategic plan of action that tailors both standard and bespoke architecture and solution designs, to your precise needs.

Data Privacy

We deliver, effective training, monitoring and reporting to upskill your team on GDPR, plus an outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) service to keep you on top of the latest GDPR developments – without the staff cost.

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Industry-accredited compliance demonstrates to suppliers, partners and customers that you can be relied on to take their security seriously. Check out our ISO 27001 consultancy and PCI DSS compliance services.


Insurance covers what might happen. Assurance is about what will happen. Our penetration testing, vulnerability audits and Cyber Essentials evaluations help to pre-empt protection where businesses need it the most.

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