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Security is ever-changing, so we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the curve.

It’s why we focus on attaining not only certifications and accreditations that are respected and recognised throughout the industry, but those that we can constantly develop, expand and fine-tune.

This ensures that we’re always ready to surmount the latest challenges, run with the latest thinking, and home in on the latest breed of threats and risks.

Always-evolving expertise

Between us, our engineers, architects and consultants hold well over 20 industry-recognised certifications and accreditations – and this will grow as we respond to our customers’ evolving needs for up-to-the-minute security, data and privacy expertise.

We are certified in everything from overall organisational security posture, to the specifics of design, software and applications, vendor- and technology-specific coding skills, audit and assessment, privacy and data protection, and enterprise-grade secure architecture.

Here are the certifications and accreditations that mean you can have confidence in our people and the services they deliver.

For more information on our certifications and accreditations, get in touch.

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