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Become a Certified Secure Software Engineer

Our Certified Secure Software Engineering training course is designed to teach developers how to design and code secure software.

Designing and developing secure software can be a challenge for even the most seasoned developer. Firesand can help with that. Our training covers a wide range of topics to help you become secure in your work.

Learn all about software security

If you’re looking to learn key aspects of software security, this is the right online training for you. From the basics of application security to advanced tools and methods, this training will help you become a Certified Secure Software Engineer.

Get exclusive access to world-class training and certification tools to keep your software safe.

Most software security problems are caused by mistakes in programming or design. At Firesand, we have gone to great lengths researching and developing hands-on training to teach our clients how to avoid the most common types of software security vulnerabilities.

These courses are crafted for software engineers and developers, to ensure that every piece of software they design is secure. Additionally, it is aimed at security professionals who do not have a software engineering background to help them better combat threats.

  • Become Trusted.

Establish trust with your customers by having a certification that demonstrates your knowledge of secure software design principles and development techniques. Earn your customers' trust and learn how to build secure software while building on your professional reputation.

  • Support Your Career.

Employers are beginning to see CSSE as an industry standard for secure software engineers. A certification from Firesand can help distinguish yourself and demonstrate your security knowledge.

  • Save time and money

Many companies require expensive training courses for their developers to gain a security certification. With Firesand, only one online course is required, saving you money and giving you more time to spend on other projects.

Security topics covered in this course include:

Key security concepts pertaining to software security. Common vulnerabilities, including application penetration, security management, injection attacks, cross-site scripting (XSS), and XML eXternal Entity (XXE) vulnerabilities. Security frameworks, application testing and principles for designing secure software, including robustness and correctness.

Methodologies for developing secure software, such as prioritising robustness and correctness. How to test for security issues, vulnerability testing, lifecycle, including network penetration testing.

Globally recognised certification

After the online course, you will pass an exam and become a Certified Secure Software Engineer. This unique digital certificate will help you stand out to employers, work colleagues and more.

Benefiting from the public recognition that comes with passing an exam. It will grant you respect from the security industry and the confidence that you really know your stuff.

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