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For Existing Vessels

Penetration Testing

This enables us to see your vessel the way a hacker sees it, ensuring your peace of mind when we expose and close security holes before an attacker can exploit them.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

This ensures that your chosen software and applications are secure, up to date, and not placing your vessel at risk.

24x7 Cyber Security Monitoring

This automatically alerts us and you to possible internal and external threats to your network.

Why Approach Us?

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has ruled that from 2021, cyber risks must be properly addressed as part of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code. But legacy network architecture and off-the-shelf security software just won’t cut it—potentially resulting in non-compliance that could make vessels unsaleable  and unfit for charter or hire.

The reality is that every vessel’s varying connections, data, systems, and crew/passenger behaviours create a shifting vulnerability profile that can only be fully revealed and remediated through detailed, bespoke design review, scanning, testing, and monitoring.

This is exactly what Firesand delivers—at sea, in port, and in dock.

The days when a vessel was an island of privacy are gone. Now, it’s a floating data platform, containing highly sensitive connections to the Internet, to confidential passenger and crew information, and to critical onboard systems. In short, a vessel is a prime target for cyber attacks at sea and in port.

One billionaire had more than $150,000 stolen when yacht hackers pilfered his bank account, according to The Guardian, while vessel owners the world over have been blackmailed after private photos were stolen. Passport and identity data has also been leaked and navigation systems locked and held to ransom. These cyber attacks are increasing in frequency.

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