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Why choose Firesand as your penetration testing partner?

Expertise and Experience

Our engineers, consultants, and security architects have decades of experience in businesses across many industry verticals, so you can be sure that we’ll understand how to protect your specific business from the exploitation of hackers.

Industry-Leading Qualifications

We hold the most respected technical qualifications and certifications in the cyber security and data privacy industries, including: OSCP, OSCE, CPSA, CRT, CISA, CISSP, CISSP-ISSAP, CISM, FIP, and many more. This means that we can guarantee that our testing is as rigorous as it gets.

Options for Every Budget

Whether you’re a large organisation with a complex IT infrastructure or a small business looking to quickly and easily manage its risk, we have options tailor-made to suit you. From bespoke, deep-dive testing to streamlined, automated essentials—all available for a monthly, flat fee with no upfront costs!

Clear, Comprehensive Reporting

At Firesand, our team takes personal responsibility for communicating the penetration testing report to you—explaining it, as well as guiding you through any additional security steps you must now take. You will speak directly to named experts in the team; no service desks, no call centres.

Until you’ve exposed your systems to the hacker’s perspective and mindset, you can’t be sure that your organisation could effectively detect and respond to an attack.

  • Hacking tools are now widely available as a service for as little as £5 per month—potentially turning your organisation into a hacker playground!
  • Customer attrition increases 30% in the wake of a cyber incident and doesn’t return to normal until three years after!
  • Small does not mean safe – according to UK government figures, 42% of micro and small businesses identified at least one breach or attack in the previous twelve months.

We use their methods to launch controlled, ethical cyber attacks against your organisation, enabling us to expose, and close, the security holes.

With Firesand, penetration testing is not just about pointing out the security shortfalls; it’s about giving you whatever you need—advice, insight, solutions—to stay ahead of hackers, now and in the future.

Why Bother?

  • Reputational Protection:
    Closing the door to cyber incidents shields you from the reputational and trading damage that public exposure inevitably causes.
  • Adherence to Industry Standards:
    Penetration testing enables you to satisfy a key requirement of standards including iGaming standards such as GLI-19, GLI-33, as well as FCA, PCI DSS, HMG and ISO27001.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
    Penetration testing can prevent cyber incidents that could put you in costly contravention of regulatory and legal provisions such as GDPR.
  • Evidential Business Case:
    An evidential business case to enable you to obtain increased investment in cyber security resources and personnel.

Choose the Penetration Testing Service for You

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