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iGaming Audit & Compliance:

Compliance with strict regulatory requirements is important to: avoid loss of license and/or fines, protect sensitive player or client data, as well as to  build trust, reputation, and to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Effective Change Management

Firesand's audits ensure that you are effectively managing change in a highly sensitive and regulated environment.

Highly Skilled and Experienced

Firesand's team are highly skilled with expertise in security and iGaming compliance, as well as having a deep understanding of change management and systems development and maintenance.

The iGaming industry is constantly evolving, driven by technological advancements, changing regulatory frameworks, and evolving customer expectations. In this dynamic landscape, compliance with regulatory standards is paramount, as non-compliance can lead to severe penalties, loss of reputation, loss of your gaming license and even legal consequences. Firesand Ltd offers expert change management audit and compliance review services, providing comprehensive solutions to mitigate risks and ensure success in the iGaming industry.


Change management audits and compliance reviews are crucial for success and sustainability in the highly regulated iGaming industry. Firesand Ltd stands as the preferred choice for companies seeking expert solutions. Firesand hold supplier licenses/registration/permissions issued by gaming commissions in multiple states across the United States and Europe, with reports and audits submitted and accepted by these gaming commissions. Contact us today to ensure your organization remains compliant, adaptable, and ahead of the competition.

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