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Application vulnerabilities: tested, detected, resolved! 

Web applications are programs that can be accessed through a website or web server - and they are the single most common source of cyber attacks on organisations like yours.

Why? Because they’re globally accessible and transact high-value, sensitive data that can be compromised by invisible changes and manipulations made to the application websites by hackers.

Now think of all the web applications your organisation uses to run its business - online banking, accounting and payroll, CMS, CRM, e-commerce pages, social media apps – and ask yourself why you trust them if you have never actually tested them for vulnerabilities!

Application Penetration Testing: what is it?

Application Penetration Testing (or ‘pen testing’) is an ethical cyber attack that we carry out under controlled conditions on the web applications your organisation uses, to detect exploitable vulnerabilities as seen from an attacker’s mindset – and highlight the actions needed to resolve them.

Our specialist consultants work alongside your security team to evaluate web application security attacks and deliver a variety of application pen testing services – and the security action plans that flow from them - to keep your organisation secure.

Penetration Testing from Firesand (and why you need it)

  1. Web Application Penetration Testing:

Web application vulnerabilities are the hackers’ favoured route into sensitive and confidential data.Penetration testing reveals exactly where and how applications fall short on security, and gives you the opportunity to close the holes before damage is done.

How Firesand does it better:

Our qualified and accredited security experts run both automated and manual tests on your web applications to comprehensively identify actual risks, but also the potential issues other testers often miss. These include:

  • Who is attempting access - Authentication, Session Management, Access Control, Backdoors.
  • Application security flaws : Security Architecture, Internal Security, Error Handling and Logging, Output Encoding.
  • Data protection : Communication Security, HTTP Security, Cryptography, Input Validation.

Additional benefits : We share the results of our testing reports with you, explain the significance of the findings, and give you clear recommendations for action – and because we’re experts in this field, we can also implement the changes, too.

We have also balanced rigour with flexibility to create both EssentialsFull Deep Dive and Bespoke variants of our web application penetration testing services, to suit every size and type of organisation, and every budget.

  1. Web Services Penetration Testing :

Web services enable applications to interact with one another - for example, between your business and its suppliers. If not properly penetration-tested, they are especially vulnerable, as they create a layer that organisations often fail to secure properly because it is hidden from view - but the attackers know is there!

How Firesand does it better: 

Our team of qualified and accredited cyber security experts carries out penetration testing against all your web services’ critical operating and communications processes to leave no stone unturned, including:

  • URLs and IP addresses
  • XML requests
  • Account access controls
  • Custom HTTP headers
  • Digital certificates.

Additional benefits: A comprehensive report on your organisation’s web services security posture, with a clear action plan to enable you to take rapid but cost-effective corrective steps – with plenty of expertise available to help you.

  1. Mobile Application Penetration Testing :

Mobile devices make web applications and web services more productive – but if they’re not thoroughly pen-tested, they can be subverted to do what they’re not meant to, and increase the risk of confidential data loss outside your organisation.

How Firesand does it better :

Our ‘root and branch’ approach to mobile application penetration testing takes a good look at what you’ve already got in place before we progress to launching concerted attacks on it!

We reveal both deeply-hidden risks and the places where attacks and threats known to target mobile web applications and mobile web services can get a foothold.

Complete end to end security testing is performed once the application has been developed.

  • Mobile security review – We find out how vulnerable your mobile estate is – from the point of view of infection, security policy and access control, incident response, and employee procedures.
  • Real-world attacks – We do everything the hackers do and more: intercept mobile traffic (both TCP and binary); reverse-engineer the mobile apps to find hidden vulnerabilities; manipulate configuration, database, temp and cache files; override privileges and file permissions and bypass client-side security controls.
  • Mobile web applications and web services – We test against the scores of attack and vulnerability categories in these high-risk user environments.

Additional benefits : A thorough mobile security report showing you the risks, their potential business impacts, and a clear mobile security action plan – with experts on hand to help you.

  1. Secure Code Review

If your organisation writes software code, is it reviewed for security? If not, you risk giving an attacker a helping hand to bypass your security and go after your precious data – and with web applications growing in complexity, the bad guys are just waiting for you to make a mistake! 

How Firesand does it better: 

With decades of technical cyber security expertise, our secure code review experts can provide what many other testers can’t – manual code and security architecture inspection skills that deliver the most rigorous static and dynamic security insight, complemented by:

  • Industry-standard testing methodologies, including the internationally recognised OWASP ASVS (Application Security Verification Standard)
  • Data protection investigation to ensure software bugs do not reveal sensitive or confidential information
  • Commercial initial review tools that free our experts up to take a deeper, more detailed look at your code

Additional benefits: A complete report of all code bugs and related security flaws, experts who can explain them, and an action plan to enable you to put right what’s wrong – or work with us on it.

For more information on secure code review, get in touch.

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