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Application Vulnerabilities: Test, Detect, Resolve!

The single most common source of cyber attacks on an organisation likes yours is through web applications. These are programs that can be accessed through a website or web server, making them potentially open to attack. 

Why is this? There are several reasons, but foremost is the fact that they're globally accessible. Furthermore, they transact high-value, sensitive data - which can be compromised through invisible changes and manipulations made to the application websites by hackers. 

Think of all the web applications your organisation uses: online banking, accounting and payroll, CMS, CRM, e-commerce pages, social media apps. How do you know you can trust them if you've never tested them for vulnerabilities?

Online banking, accounting and payroll, CMS, CRM, e-commerce pages, social media apps: all potentially at risk.

What Is Application Penetration Testing?

Application Penetration Testing (or ‘pen testing’) is an ethical cyber attack that we carry out under controlled conditions on the web applications your organisation uses. We use this 'attack' to detect exploitable vulnerabilities as seen from a hacker's mindset. In doing so, we are able to highlight the actions needed to resolve any issues.

Our specialist consultants work alongside your security team to evaluate the safety of your organisation's web applications. We promise to deliver a variety of Application Pen Testing services - and the security action plans that flow from them - to keep your organisation secure.

Penetration Testing from Firesand (and why you need it)

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