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Firesand accepted into Armed Forces Covenant to support service personnel:

Firesand is proud to announce that we have been accepted as a supporting business in the Armed Forces Covenant – an organisation that helps ensure serving personnel, service leavers, veterans, and their families have the access to careers, education, healthcare and other amenities and opportunities that they deserve.

Firesand will be able to make its own promises and tailor its own pledge, across causes ranging from e-learning for Forces personnel, to affordable home ownership, to post-service career transition help, and more.

Firesand founder and Director Matthew Holloway, said: “We’re very proud, as a Forces-friendly employer, to have been accepted into the Armed Forces Covenant. We will help ensure the sacrifices Forces personnel make for us don’t go unanswered today, but also that the proven skills of ex-servicemen and -women don’t go to waste tomorrow.”    

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