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Every day many businesses and companies fall prey to hackers and experience a data breach in their network infrastructure.

While it may not be possible to eliminate all of the risks penetration testing is one testing method to check for security vulnerabilities and provide defensive mechanisms to help protect any security gaps.

As its name suggests, penetration testing is ethical hacking to simulate cyber attack to help catch any gaps in system security by providing a vulnerability assessment to find possible security threats, which a hacker could use to exploit sensitive data.

How You Can Benefit From a Penetration Test?

There are many benefits of penetration testing, but at a basic level, they help expose existing weaknesses in data security of your critical systems.

These tests provide a list of potential access points in the system and also provide a detailed report of solutions for each problem. Even companies that are not tech-savvy can use this information to protect themselves better.

The test also reveals the methods that a person would use to hack into the system.

This may expose physical aspects of security, not only virtual network security.

Sometimes, it may not be possible to prevent a hacker’s attack, but how you respond makes a difference.

A penetration tester is an ethical hacker who simulates an attack to allows companies to respond just like they would in a genuine attack.

This will provide them with a better idea of whether they are prepared.

Security reviews can increase customer trust

Customers do not want to use companies that have poor standards of security when it comes to maintaining sensitive information.

A company that reports they have regular penetration testing completed shows that they are lower risk and have complied to a certain level of quality assurance and regulatory requirements.

Why Is Penetration Testing Important for Security Reviews?

Some companies may not understand the value of having this security testing completed but, they are missing out on some key advantages. While many people notice bugs in the system, having an independent team of ethical security experts is what you want.

Ethical hackers will run a vulnerability scan to test your overall security against possible security threats only help to protect the system, they will use a variety of methods to catch weaknesses, find potential threats and recommend security patches.

High Standard Penetration testing is not just

external and internal.A team of certified penetration testers will also completely blind and double-blind testing to find potential vulnerabilities to deploy information gathering to identify any threat.

  • You might give them the name of the company and no other information.
  • The team may also work with the security system team for targeted testing.
  • They will walk the team through the steps of an attack and how to respond appropriately.

This training exercise is an exceptional asset and can build the knowledge base within the company.

Improve information security, customer protection and compliance requirements

All companies need to have secure systems to function. Not only can hacks destroy business continuity and brand image, but they are also a constant threat.

Keeping up to date with the latest hacking methods is not always easy, but there are experts in this field. They can fully assess a system and provide the best solutions for their customers.

When using network penetration testing, use a team of security professionals who are certified penetration experts who provide due diligence and uses complex methods to assess weaknesses and provide targeted solutions against cyber threats.

Avoid system downtime and protect your brand image

Pen testing is an important part of your cybersecurity toolkit because it helps identify gaps in your security to prevent an attacker gaining unauthorised access to your network.

Firesand provide complete end to end security assessment scans for PCI DSS compliance. We evaluate security awareness and provide IT security audits of an organisations network infrastructure

Contact us today to book your security audit or learn how our penetration testing services can help protect your business against phishing or malicious breaches.

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