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Protection where it matters most, how it works best

Like any form of defence, cyber security will quickly become ineffective if it isn’t backed by a clear vision of where resources most need to be focused, a plan to deliver them, and a roadmap to sustain them, as the threats ranged against it evolve.

This is why you need Firesand. We’re certified cyber-security experts with decades of security design, development and strategy experience across industries, vertical sectors, and businesses of all sizes.

Firesand can take you from initial security health check to a fully realised cyber security strategy, through secure architectures for cloud environments, security solutions, and enterprise-wide deployments - protecting your existing and evolving infrastructure from the ground up.

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Our Security Design, Development And Strategy Services

Whether you’re looking to build a new IT infrastructure, strengthen or extend an existing one, or integrate multiple systems, it’s vital that you adopt a security-first mindset at every stage. Retrofitted security is expensive and ineffective!

At Firesand, we’re experienced, trusted security advisers, architects and engineers. We guide you through the process of translating business objectives into a strategic security roadmap that permeates all levels of your business.

This approach ensures that security is cost-effectively aligned to your business goals, whilst intelligently delivering an effective, comprehensive, future-ready risk management platform.

Cyber Security Healthcheck Services

There are many ways your current cyber security posture can potentially open the door to an attack or a breach. Our Cyber Security Health Checks use NCSC- and ISO 27001-aligned methodologies to spot them, and inform the development of an effective cyber security strategy to counter them, now and tomorrow.

Cloud Security Architect Services

As your business expands its cloud footprint to deliver against new business objectives, Firesand’s cloud security architects will define, design and implement your secure cloud migrations and integrations with your existing technologies

We deliver these services using industry-recognised IT Service Management frameworks and security controls (ITIL, COBIT, ISO27001), and cloud computing standards (ISO 17788/17789, CSA).

Security Solutions Architecture

With decades of experience across multiple industry verticals, our security solutions architects are vendor-agnostic experts in both high and low level technical design. They combine off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to deliver cost-effective security, tailored to meet the needs of your business’s specific networks, applications, platforms, infrastructure and assets.

Enterprise Security Architecture (ESA)

Enterprise Security Architecture powerfully aligns core business strategy, security and implementation - but its heavyweight components don’t sit easily with the reality of many business’s budgets and resources.

This is why we have developed the totally unique ‘Architecture-in-a-Box’ approach, built on the world-renowned SABSA (Sherwood Applied Business Security Architecture) method. It’s ESA, but in streamlined, flexible and rapidly adaptable form!

Cyber Security Strategy

A defined Cyber Security Strategy is critical for understanding how to address both current and future threats – including the challenges presented by changing legal and regulatory landscapes. Our experts develop forward-thinking strategies, backed by many years’ experience across diverse business verticals, to create a realistic, resilient roadmap for your business’s security going forward.

Cyber Security Consultancy Services

Firesand’s experts can provide cyber security consulting tailored to your organisation’s precise needs; ranging from risk management programme commissioning to dedicated security architecture sub-projects.

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