Now more than ever businesses are looking for ways to cut budgets, whilst still looking to maintain efficiency. This means exploring outsourcing.


Firesand’s Managed IT Service is a fully outsourced, secure IT service that has been designed to alleviate either all or part of your businesses IT needs. Whether you are looking to fully outsource your IT Support, or outsource specific elements such as Backup Monitoring and Management, Firesand will deliver a secure, tailor-made service that specifically complements your businesses requirements and processes.

By outsourcing your IT Department to Firesand, you will not only be provided with IT Support, but your businesses software, hardware and entire IT system will also be managed by us, which means your business has access to unlimited remote support.

Your business will have access to our dedicated Service Desk Team, who have extensive experience across many different industries, and hold a vast array of technical qualifications and certifications in the latest technologies. Our team is comprised of specialists in Cyber Security, IT Consultancy, IT Solutions, Network Support, and Digital Transformations.

Our Service Team will ensure your businesses IT solutions are operating at optimal efficiency. By using the latest technologies, Firesand are able to monitor the performance of both the IT Infrastructure and IT Network of your business, to ensure minimal disruption if a potential fault was to arise.

Firesand’s Secure Managed IT Service include:

  • Unlimited Telephone + Remote Support.
  • Advanced Workstation Monitoring.
  • Advanced Server Monitoring.
  • Website Protection.
  • Guaranteed Response + Resolution Times.
  • Mobile Device Management + Support.
  • Detailed Network Documentation.
  • Onsite Desktop Support.
  • Onsite Server Support..
  • Advanced Email Security.
  • Windows Patch Management.
  • Full Premium Backup Monitoring and Management.
  • Network/Internet Management.

Unlimited Telephone + Remote Support is included to ensure you have access to our streamline Service Desk when your business needs it. Outsourcing your IT Department means that not only will your IT Support be managed by us, but so will your IT systems, software and hardware. This means that every employee within your business will have access to our unlimited remote support.

Firesand have mastered an efficient process in which support tickets can be can be logged via telephone or email communication. These easily accessible and convenient methods ensure all issues, no matter the urgency, are recorded appropriately.

Our customers outsource their IT requirements to us because they want the peace of mind knowing that Cyber Security is the basis of all the services we deliver. This means the bespoke outsourced IT package Firesand build with your business will have the appropriate Cyber Security Strategies and GDPR Compliance in place.


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