Eurovine IT

Eurovine turned to Firesand for a solution to its dual challenges: achieving and maintaining compliance, cost-effectively. "Our problem" says Whelan, "was that we had a long-term strategy to appoint a GDPR and DPO specialist but hiring a full-time DPO in-house was prohibitively costly. At the same time, non-compliance would damage our credibility with key clients."  

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  • Windows 10 Faulty RegBackups - How Firesand can help.

    Are you one of the 800M Windows 10 Users who received a warning from Microsoft in regards to a prevailing and serious problem?
  • The Firesand difference

    Unlike a generalist IT company that delivers a patchwork of managed IT services with multiple security bolt-ons, Firesand creates a secure IT infrastructure within which all services are secured from the ground up.
  • World’s largest global information Privacy community awards FIP status to Firesand specialist

    The worlds’ largest global information privacy community, the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), has awarded its highly regarded Fellow of Information Privacy (FIP) designation to Firesand Director Chris Blake.