Security and compliance are not IT tasks – they’re business risks!


We know this better than most, because our team acquired its security expertise in many different business departments across many different industry verticals.

This means we have extensive, first-hand insight into how security and compliance challenges vary tremendously according to the operating characteristics and risk landscapes of your business and the industry it’s a part of – and it means we always have an appropriate response!

From Security Health Checks to bespoke strategy and architecture, from GDPR and Data Protection Officer (DPO) services to penetration testing and Cyber Essentials , from ISO 27001 consultancy to PCI DSS compliance – we bring together the skills, the specialists and the solutions to secure your business from the ground up, in its own unique way.


  • DPO

    Don’t want to pay £57.5k for a Data Protection Officer?  Here’s what to do.   Appointing a Data Protection Officer (DPO) to be responsible for managing an organisation’s day-to-day data compliance is a requirem ...
  • Windows 10 Faulty RegBackups - How Firesand can help.

    Are you one of the 800M Windows 10 Users who received a warning from Microsoft in regards to a prevailing and serious problem?
  • The Firesand difference

    Unlike a generalist IT company that delivers a patchwork of managed IT services with multiple security bolt-ons, Firesand creates a secure IT infrastructure within which all services are secured from the ground up.