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Firesand launches Virtual CISO Service

Protecting an organisation’s data and systems is crucial for any business.

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is responsible for establishing the firm’s security strategy and ensuring data is protected. It is fast becoming a key role in a business as operating models evolve with increased digitisation and data storage.

But if your business doesn’t have a senior executive in this position, there is an alternative: the Firesand CISO service.

Chris Blake, Director, and Principal Data Protection & Privacy Consultant, said: “The role of the CISO is to develop a strategy that maintains a business's processes and systems are kept secure. Firesand offers this role to organisations where the individual becomes a team member to fulfil the work.

“Providing this supportive role ensures your business can keep on top of regulations and develops the policies, security architecture, and systems to reduce cyber threats and keep all your data secure. If there is a data breach the CISO will play a key role in dealing with the incident.”

As the cyber security threat landscape is continually changing, maintaining a constant vigil on potential security risks is crucial. The CISO keeps up-to-date on compliance issues and understands the risks of hacking and vulnerabilities that may occur in an organisation’s systems.

The Firesand CISO service offers a team to support your business needs. It can undertake Penetration Testing to check the security of the organisation’s processes. It will also scan for high-risk vulnerabilities, identifying potential threats that could leave a system open to hacking or malware attacks.

Chris Blake added: “The way a business manages and uses its customer data has become an important factor in attracting clients. Having a robust cyber security system is one way to ensure this information is protected.”

Find more information about our CISO Consultancy or Get in touch to enquire more about our services.


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