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Firesand now operates in 11 US states

We are pleased to announce that we now have the authority to deliver a wide range of cyber security services in Nevada and Colorado. This takes our presence in the gaming industry to 11 US states.  

Commenting Chris Blake, Director, and Principal Data Protection & Privacy Consultant, said: “Last December, the Nevada Gaming Commission adopted new cyber security requirements for certain gaming operators to protect consumers and their personal information in the gaming industry. 

“The new rules state gaming operators must take all appropriate steps to secure and protect their information systems from cyber attacks, conduct a risk assessment, and develop cyber security best practices, all areas in which we have expertise and a proven track record.” 

Additional requirements include performing annual reviews with employees to ensure compliance with cyber security best practices and procedures. 

Firesand recently won authority to operate in the gaming industry in Arizona and Wyoming. It now has a presence in the following US states: Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nevada, Ohio, West Virginia, and Wyoming. 

The move comes as the online gambling business in the US increases. Popular services to our US gambling partners include Penetration Testing for websites, mobiles, and APIs, Vulnerability Scanning, and Management. Additional services include audits for ISO 27001, GLI-19, GLI-33, GLI CMP, and NIST.  

If you have an online gambling business in the US (and also EU), talk to us about how to meet your regulations. You can find more information about Secure Gaming  Services or Get in touch to enquire more about our services. 

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