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Think your Gaming business is secure?

You might not be playing with a full deck.

Gaming is one of the most highly regulated industries across the globe, and when it comes to cyber security and data protection your gaming business needs to be holding all the aces.

That, or risk losing your gaming license and scaring away potential investors too!

The simple fact is this: if you do not subject your Gaming business to annual penetration testing (pen testing) and vulnerability assessments at the very least, then that business is not deemed by the regulators to be secure and compliant – whatever other security steps you might have taken.

But with many security providers unwilling to work in the Gaming space, and others charging a premium for ineffective automated services, where can you find proven, human expertise to secure your Gaming business - whether new or established - cost-effectively?

Secure Gaming? We’ve been delivering it for years!

"Firesand stand outin the field of penetration testing because of theirpersonalised approachwealth of in-house expertiserelating to security risks, familiarity with the varying regulatory requirements and theirclear focuson thoroughness.” - Emma Richardson, White Hat Gamin

This quote from aGaming specialist speaks volumes about Firesand’s expertise inspecialist security solutionsfor the gaming and gambling sectors.

Here’s more about what makes us unique: 

  • We make it secure and we build it secure - It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to protect your existing Gaming business infrastructure, or create an entirely new one – we’ll make sure it’s secure and compliant from the ground up.
  • We cut our teeth in Gaming security - We have extensive, in-house experience of running security operations in a Gaming company environment. We know what’s required to stop the blight of ransomware, hacking and organised crime – and we know how to deliver it.
  • We add value through human security insight - Anybody can run an automated penetration testing or vulnerability assessment routine that swamps you with false positives. Our team combines powerful technical solutions with decades of security experience to cut through the noise and identify the genuine risks.

You can’t play at keeping Gaming secure.

Why choose Firesand for Gaming security?

  • Dedicated, Gaming-focused security solutions for small, medium and large organisations and startups
  • Managed and outsourced services (no security expertise or IT resource needed on your part); project and consultancy services also available
  • Extensive security experience – Our engineers, developers, architects and consultants have decades of security industry experience behind them, both in the Gaming sector and across many high-profile global brands
  • Unrivalled security and data privacy qualifications, including CEH, SABSA, CCISO, CISSP, CIPP/E, and FIP (the latter one of only a handful in the UK)

Get in touch about our security and data privacy services today.

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