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Don't risk losing your gaming license and scaring away potential investors.

The simple fact is this: if you do not subject your gaming business to annual penetration testing (pen testing) and vulnerability assessments at the very least, then that business is not deemed by the regulators to be secure and compliant – no matter which other security steps you might have taken.

But with many security providers unwilling to work in the gaming space, and others charging a premium for ineffective automated services, where can you find proven, human expertise to secure your gaming business - whether new or established - cost-effectively?

You need to stay secure to stay compliant.

"Firesand stand out in the field of penetration testing because of their personalised approach, wealth of in-house expertise relating to security risks, familiarity with the varying regulatory requirements and their clear focus on thoroughness.”

Emma Richardson, White Hat Gaming

Secure gaming? We’ve been delivering it for years!

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