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A risk-based approach to EdTech Cyber Security. 

With the unprecendented events of 2020 still unravelling, the demand for Educational Technology continues to increase, and with it, rises new and increasingly complex threats to the saftey and security of your EdTech solutions.

EdTech leapt to a position of prominence when the coronavirus outbreak forced educational institutions across the globe to close. Making EdTech no longer just online textbooks, or tablets in the classroom, but an industry of advanced technologies that need robust Cyber Security plans in place that : increase understanding, deploy sophisticated monitoring, and ultimately protect you and your EdTech solutions against potentially devastating security breaches and compromises. 

• Do you understand the risks to your EdTech?

• Do you have control of your EdTech security?

• Have you built assurance systems into your EdTech?

• Do you continuously improve the security within your EdTech?

COVID-19 projected EdTech to the head of class, exposing the need for Cyber Security but how can Firesand keep your EdTech secure? It is essential that you work with a security team that understands your industry and the unique risk profile that you face. This is where Firesand can help.

At Firesand, our team of experienced Cyber Security experts find, flag, and mitigate any current and future risks that could impact the integrity of your EdTech. We will identify and remediate these risks with thorough analyses and develop carefully considered, bespoke plans to provide you with a robust security framework that ultimately brings you peace-of-mind.

Firesand can help you:

• Understand the risks that threaten your EdTech, identify what needs to be protected and why.

• Meet your security responsibilities as a supplier to your clients.

• Communicate your own security needs to your EdTech partners.

• Develop assurance systems into your approach to managing your EdTech.

• Build trust amongst your clientele through continuous improvement.

Corporate Governance: Proven, accredited, continually improved security.

Effective information security management is the very core of a compliant, risk-aware, trustworthy provider. But how do you demonstrate that compliance to a waiting world of existing and prospective customers, partners, suppliers, and – most critical of all – regulators?

Industry-recognised accreditations like ISO 27001 and PCI DSS objectively affirm not only your business’s achievement of information security compliance, but its commitment to measures that will keep it compliant, now and in the future.

To deliver certified, accredited, publicly visible compliance into your EdTech, our experts will develop a tailored program of work with embedded security-focused governance processes and controls.

Our Governance, Risk and Compliance Services

ISO 27001:2013 Services :

Your EdTech needs frameworks, cost-effective tools, and clearly defined processes to meet the international standard for the establishment and running of a continually improving and risk-based Information Security Management System (ISMS).

This is exactly the skill set that our experts, with their decades of experience across many different industry verticals, bring to the table. They will guide you through every stage of planning, achieving, and maintaining compliance within your business, including:

  • Risk management.
  • Compliance readiness, maintenance, audits, and process development.
  • Information Security Frameworks and creation of an ISMS.
  • Controls development.
  • Security strategy, training, and awareness.
  • PCI DSS Services.

ISO 27001:2013 demonstrates information security management compliance in all types of organisations, whilst PCI DSS accredits organisations that transact payment card data. If your EdTech stores, processes, or transmits cardholder data, it must comply with the PCI DSS standard. Our qualified industry experts provide advice, planning and implementation to simplify the process and make your EdTech’s journey to achieving and maintaining compliance as manageable and cost-effective as possible.

Assurance: Why your EdTech Needs It

Our Assurance Services get right to the heart of what keeps your EdTech genuinely protected: the certainty that your security is working, not just the knowledge that it has been implemented.

We do this in ways that suit you and you budget – from Cyber Essentials compliance, to full auditing and accreditation; from light-touch vulnerability assessments, to premium deep-dive penetration testing; from web applications, to full system scope.

Our Assurance Services

Full System Penetration Testing : A full penetration test of a system from the ground up covers not only your EdTech and its consumers, but additional third-party risks.

Web Application Penetration Testing – Full Deep Dive : This service is a deep dive security investigation into every area of any web application that your EdTech uses.

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus : Firesand will help you put into place the defined Cyber Security measures to gain the Government-recognised Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accreditations.

These services will reassure your consumers that you are working seriously to secure your EdTech against cyber-attacks. Your assurance work will be carried out by our team of certificated security specialists, with decades of cross-domain experience of delivering manual, automated, and bespoke testing methodologies.

Health checks : A Security Service Collaboration

Firesand can take you from initial security health checks, to a fully realized Cyber Security strategy, through secure architectures for cloud environments, security solutions, and enterprise-wide deployments – protecting your existing and evolving infrastructure from the ground up.

Our experience across many different industry verticals, combined with our extrnsive technical qualifications and accreditations (SABSA, CCISO, CISSP, CIPP/E and many more), means we build your strategic security roadmap around your business objectives turning security into an enabler, not an obstacle.

Our Cyber Security Healthcheck Services

Cloud Security Architect Services : As EdTech expands, so does its cloud footprint. Firesand’s cloud security architects will define, design, and implement your secure cloud migrations and integrations with your existing technologies.

Security Solutions Architecture : We combine off-the-shelf and bespoke solutions to deliver cost-effective security, tailored to meet the needs of your business’s specific networks, applications, platforms, infrastructure, and assets.

Cyber Security Consultancy Services : Firesand’s experts can provide Cyber Security consulting tailored to your EdTech’s precise needs; ranging from risk management program commissioning to dedicated security architecture sub-projects.

Cyber Security Strategy : A defined Cyber Security Strategy is critical for understanding how to address both current and future threats – including the challenges presented by changing legal and regulatory landscapes. Our experts develop forward-thinking strategies, backed by many years’ experience across diverse business verticals, to create a realistic, resilient roadmap for your business’s security going forward.

Security is an EdTech priority, not an IT problem. Get in touch with Firesand today.

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